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Copywriting Masterclass: Write to Sell Like a Pro

What People Are Saying:

Natalia is very knowledgeable in her subject. I have been on few marketing training but I found her training to be one of the best. I also had 1-2-1 advice on social media marketing session with her which was very useful for me to understand the digital marketing process.

Tara Khanom

Natalia's digital marketing workshop was well presented she is truly a specialist at what she does. 10/10 I look forward to working with her again soon.

Victoria Ibidun Ogunniyi

Clarity and Confidence! Working with Natalia resulted in gaining both confidence and some much needed clarity. Before I started my business I had many ideas about the changes I wanted to see in the world and had many ideas about how to tackle them. As someone inherently against injustice in any form, I knew I had to do something about it. With a legal academic background, a career in maternal & reproductive health and a passion for action, I set about creating Birthing Reform - and then I met Natalia. My goal was to keep going. That was it. So many times in life I'd thought of ideas and projects but not actualised them. This time was different. I knew I had to make this one happen. So off I went writing plans, and structures, getting in touch with and bringing on board my network etc. *Then COVID happened. * When COVID happened [lockdown 1 of who knows how many at this point?] I struggled. I wondered if it was all worth it and if it was too late to go back - to crawl into my safety net of 'the everyday'. Because one thing about business, and in particular entrepreneurship, is that it is risky. Legal risk, financial risk, organisational risk, and so on. The risk, stress and pressure involved is not for the faint hearted. Entrepreneurship is not just a skill, but it is a gift [that not all posses]. I seriously considered whether or not it was for me, but nevertheless I carried on. To gain the clarity I needed I put my legal research skills to good use. I researched everything. Every topic I was interested in and every area I wanted to change/ have an impact in. One of my biggest challenges was clarity on a certain element of my business. 3-4 months in and I realised that I had to change my entire business structure. This meant that what I had originally planned needed to be reimagined, and this is where Natalia came in. Natalia had a huge impact in gaining that clarity that was needed in order to systematically organise and compartmentalise areas of the business. Whilst her angle is predominantly from a branding, marketing and sales perspective, given the digital age we are in now, her particular niche and skillset currently form a large part of any business. Without focusing on sales - how will you make your business profitable? Without considering marketing - how will you reach your audience? Having many of these conversations with Natalia contributed to much of Birthing Reform's success today. Upon hearing that Natalia would be launching her new exclusive membership I was thrilled for her as well as for anyone lucky enough to have such high quality, expert coaching. The advice I would give to anyone thinking of being part of this membership or working with Natalia is... 1. Use the time wisely: Do your homework, research your area, your audience and your business well. Do your due diligence and come prepared to meetings with Natalia. People can only help you as far as you are willing to help yourself. 1. Don't be afraid to start again, correct yourself, remove certain elements of your business or change plan/ direction. **Succeeding at business isn't about how rigid you are but how adaptable you can be in order to be able to accommodate to life & entrepreneurship's many, many hurdles.

Yasmin Khalil-St Rose